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What ‘Tanking System’ is, and if its important:
‘Tanking’ is a specific type of waterproofing which functions by attempting to block water out of a structure, by including a barrier product on or within that structure.  If water is totally blocked out, then the internal basement/cellar environment is protected and remains dry. The term is commonly used to describe various types of waterproofing systems generally, but in its true sense it is specific to ‘barrier protection’, (or ‘Type A (barrier) protection’ within British Standard 8102).

Tanking System, is it really important?

There is no question that any wet room must be properly tanked. While it is important that all walk in shower spaces need to be waterproofed, nowhere is this more crucial than in a wet room, where the entire shower floor should be sealed or ‘tanked’ in order to guard against leaks. If you’re looking into the possibility of tanking and wet room installation, you’ve come to the right place.

“Get the very best in tanking for your wetroom from M&Z Builders and Decorators Ltd. Years of experience ensure your shower enclosure will never leak, providing years of pleasure.”

Using the latest technology and application systems, M&Z Builders and Decorators Ltd is the UK’s leading specialist in commercial and residential waterproofing, tanking and water management systems.

We offer a complete package of waterproofing and tanking solutions, from design to post-application, and our experience gives us the capability to fully understand your requirements to deliver the most cost-effective solutions.

Our proactive approach to each project is consistently aimed at delivering total customer satisfaction. We ensure that you receive timely specialist service before, during and after any installation.

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